Benefits of Investing in a Hot and Cold Air Conditioners for Year-Round Comfort and cold air conditioners

It is presently Winter season ruling in India and there is no point in using the air conditioners for cooling purposes. But do you even know that you can use your air conditioner for both hot and cold air purposes? Yes, you heard it right. A reversible air conditioner which is also called a hot and cold air conditioners performs more duty than cooling a room. In this blog, we will cover major highlights about reversible air conditioners and their advantages for use at home.

About Reversible Air Conditioners

Reversible Air Conditioners are also called hot and cold air conditioners that adjust to both cold and warm room temperatures. An air conditioner uses warm air that exists in the environment and then passes it to a refrigerant before circulating it in the room. A hot and cold air conditioner has a heat pump included in it which does the same process but reversely. Nowadays, it has become convenient for people to buy one air conditioner and enjoy both hot and cold air in different seasons.

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Advantages of hot and cold air conditioners

The Best Split ACs in India are usually the reversible ones, that have the capability of giving both cold and hot air. It is somewhat beneficial for people with small-sized rooms with no or less space for heaters. Also, these air conditioners consume less energy in comparison to a heater. A reversible air conditioner also doesn’t harm the decor of the room and is easy to manage. Some of the other key advantages of using a hot and cold air conditioner in a room during winter are:

1.   Uniformity in Temperature:

Most of the hot and cold air conditioners distribute heat uniformly at high capacity as compared to room heaters.

2.   Authenticity:

Chances of device and equipment damage are possible while using a room heater in the room. It is not a point of concern though, while using a hot and cold air conditioner.

3.   Oxygen level:

Electric room heaters cause the burning of oxygen whereas reversible air conditioners do not run at high temperatures. This, therefore, does not decrease oxygen levels in the room.

4.   Installation:

People with children at home usually have concerns about their safety while using room heaters. Children cannot reach or touch the height at which the hot and cold air conditioner is installed on the walls.

5.   Energy utilization:

A hot and cold air conditioner uses 1 KW of electrical energy to produce 2-4 KW of heat energy. Also, it varies on the outdoor and room temperature as well.

6.   Cost:

The best Split ACs in India are also reversible air conditioners. They might be expensive when considering the buying price, but also perform 2-in-1 operations. These air conditioners have also eliminated the need for heaters in the winter season. In such cases, they are also referred to as worth-buying options.

Top-Picked Hot and Cold Air Conditioners (2024)

Weather air conditioners, also known as reversible air conditioners, are the best options for countries like India with extreme weather conditions. In summer, people can’t live in high temperatures without an air conditioner and in the same way, winters are quite impossible to bear without a heater. Following is the list of some top picks of hot and cold air conditioners as per the latest rankings and surveys:

  1. Voltas 1.5 Ton Split AC (1.5 ton)
  2. LG 3 Star 5-in-1 convertible AC (1.5 ton)
  3. Daikin 4 Star Hot & Cold Inverter AC (1.5 ton)
  4. Panasonic 3 Star Hot and Cold Smart Wi-Fi Inverter AC (2 Ton)
  5. Lloyd 5 Star Hot & Cold Inverter Split AC (1.5 ton)
  1. What capacity AC is ideal for a 200 Sq Ft Room?

Ans. 1 or 1.25-ton capacity AC is ideal for a 200 Sq Ft Room in India. For rooms smaller than this size, 1-ton AC is a good choice.

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