Do You Know Enough About Solar Inverter with battery price inverter with battery price,

Solar Inverter with battery price

 There are a lot of people in this world who use solar panel power in their homes. Several devices and appliances need electricity to charge and operate normally. However, you cannot entirely rely on the usual electricity supply because the total energy produced in India is always less than what we require. Secondly, many remote places don’t receive a continuous supply. This is where solar power becomes crucial as a popular form of renewable energy. We will use this blog to learn everything you need about a Solar Inverter with battery price, its primary function and the technology it uses.

What is the function of a Solar Inverter?

The role of a solar panel inverter is to use the direct current (DC) produced by a solar panel into alternating current (AC). In homes and commercial organizations, we use alternating current to run our household appliances. Even in the electrical grid, electricity is stored in this form only. Hence, a solar inverter is the equipment that helps make the sun’s energy usable in our homes or businesses.

 Solar Inverter with  Battery Price:

The solar inverter with a battery price depends on the capacity of the solar inverter.

On-grid Inverter: However, for an inverter connected to the grid, the price for a two kva inverter starts from INR 50,000, and for a 250 kva inverter, it goes up to INR 7,00,000.

Off-grid Inverter: If the inverter is not connected to the grid, the price for one kva inverter starts from INR 7000, and for a 15 kva inverter, it goes up to INR 2,00,000.

Inverter Using Hybrid Technology: A 5 kv hybrid solar inverter with battery price starts from INR 1,00,000, while a 100 kva inverter goes up to INR 10,00,000.


What are the benefits of Solar Inverters

In every Solar energy system, the Inverter is an essential component. You can get them in different sizes and models with distinct characteristics and qualities. Let us talk about a few standard features that are integral parts of solar inverters:


1) In Real Time Tracking: A high-quality solar inverter is equipped with tracking systems that you can use to evaluate the functioning of your solar energy system. It can help you in keeping track of electricity generation, the system’s overall functioning, and maintenance alerts in case of some problems.

2) Direction through Digital Apps: Solar inverters are connected to digital apps. Hence, we can direct and calibrate such inverters through website-based connections or smartphone applications. It makes tracking and operating your solar energy system very convenient.


3) Effectively Managing Energy Requirements: Few solar inverters effectively manage the overall requirements. You can use such features to decide which appliances need priority, especially when solar energy is unavailable.

4) Efficiency Level: The efficiency level of a Solar panels inverter indicates its effectiveness in converting the DC electricity into AC electricity. Therefore, always choose inverters with higher efficiency ratings to reduce energy wastage.


5) Air Supply and Cooling: Solar inverters have built-in electrical fans for air supply and cooling systems. It helps maintain an ideal working temperature, as well as providing ventilation. A good air supply and cooling are crucial for the long life of a solar inverter.


6) Preventing Supply during Power Shortage: It’s a crucial safety feature for Solar Inverters. An inverter with such a feature will easily prevent electricity supply to the grid in case of a power shortage, resulting in the safety of utility workers and the functioning of the power grid.


The blog may have given you enough ideas about the best solar inverter with battery price, and you can select the most appropriate model depending upon your energy requirement.


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